Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping


Have you ever bought a item of clothing because the salesperson told you it looks great. Then when you got home you realised it doesn’t go with anything you own and maybe it’s really not the most complementary shape for your figure? Do you keep buying the same thing or know what you need but you just can’t find it? Maybe you need help shopping for a new collection of work/casual/maternity/holiday/evening/event attire? Or maybe you just need someone to give you some good honest style advice?

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In this package Avril will spend the day shopping with you, making certain you only purchase items that suit your specific lifestyle and wardrobe needs. She will keep you within your budget and ensure your new items are tailored correctly for you body, personality and style. This package includes:

  • An initial consultation to determine your lifestyle and wardrobe needs

  • An honest and encouraging shopping partner

  • Styling potential outfits in store and within your budget

  • Package includes a total of 5 hours of one-on-one consultation with Avril.

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