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fashion styling consultation and coordination

From personal shopping to sourcing, buying and developing cast wardrobes, Avril Harrison has a range of services on offer for a full range of clientele.

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shopping editing organising & Look-books

Personal Fashion Styling


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Avril offers a full range of personal styling services which can be tailored to suit. Whether your looking to refresh your every-day style, your corporate wardrobe, activewear, maternity wear, photoshoot outfits or even to pack your suitcase for holiday, Avril will collaborate with you, editing and rebuilding your wardrobe to suit your needs.

Not in Australia? Try my eStyling Packages for consultations over Skype, Messenger, Zoom and WeChat, or get in touch to find out more.


one-on-one Consultations


Wardrobe Overhaul

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Do you wear the same thing all the time? Is your wardrobe all work/casual/active wear?


Personal Shopping

Have you ever bought an item of clothing because the salesperson told you it looks great? Then when you got home you realised it doesn’t go with anything you own and maybe it’s really not really your style?


Personal Styling

Do you already have an awesome collection of clothing and accessories? Do you just need a fresh pair of eyes to help you style new outfits or to help bring your current collection up to trend?


Travel in style

Are you the kind of person who checks in their luggage at the maximum weight limit at the beginning of the trip? Or are you always shopping for holiday outfits, blowing you budget before you are even on holiday?


Style me quick!

Running out the door in an hour but still in your dressing gown and slippers with no idea what to wear? Don’t panic, Avril can style you quickly!


E-styling consultations


e-wardrobe overhaul

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Do you wear the same thing all the time? Is your wardrobe all work/casual/active wear?


Online personal shopping

Are you time poor and need help shopping for a new collection? Do you just need someone to give you some good honest style advice and a bunch of links to some great online finds?


Personal e-styling

Do you need some quick advice on how to style your collection of clothing and accessories, helping you to bring your current collection up to trend?


Travel e-styling

Do you need some last minute advice on how to pack in style? Keeping your luggage to a minimum and ensuring you have a variety of outfits to cater for all of your potential activities can be challenging. And, frankly, stressful.


Fashion styling for publications


Are you trying to get just the right look for your publication? Avril works closely in collaboration with your team to ensure we capture high quality, emotive images for your project.

Don't have a team? Avril can coordinate the project; sourcing the location, photographers, models, make-up and hair stylists. 

View my portfolio, or get in touch to chat about how I can help on your next project.


Wardrobe Styling & Development for Screen & Stage

Film & Television

Need help with an upcoming project? Avril is ready to immerse herself into your production, characters and plot, getting to know your team and specific outcomes to make your project a shinning success.